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As it opens its doors, Manhattan East Synagogue – Congregation Shaare Mizrah, will be impacting the communal and spiritual lives of the Sephardic community of Manhattan.  Under the leadership of Rabbi Elie Abadie M.D., founder of the first and largest Sephardic Congregation in the UES, the Synagogue will be hosting cultural, social, and religious events which will contribute to the growth of an active and vibrant Jewish congregation.  Amongst its many exciting programs the Synagogue will have a Bet Midrash Study Program, a Young Adult Group, Singles Shabbat Events, a Women’s Auxiliary Branch, a Bikkur Holim/Hesed Committee, Israel Advocacy activities, as well as a variety of informative events and activities which will help unite its congregants into a strong unit of informed and pro-active Jews.  The Manhattan East Synagogue will be making a difference in the lives of its congregants and is committed to continue on a path of growth and expansion.

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Perashat Vayesheb

Friday, December 8, 2017
Candle Lighting 4:09 PM
Minha 4:10 PM 
Shir HaShirim 4:30 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat & Arbit 4:40 PM
KIDUSH: Mazza & Arak


Saturday, December 9, 2017
Shahrit 8:30 AM

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Rabbi’s corner

Perashat Vayesheb Synopsis

The Perasha begins with a description of the relationship of Yoseph, aged 17, and his brothers. All would tend to the flocks of sheep, and Yoseph would report about his brothers to their father Yaakob. For this, Yoseph was disliked by his brothers, but loved by his father. As a gesture of his love Yaakob gives Yoseph a coat of many colors, this only intensifies the jealousy and hatred that his brothers feel towards him.  The Torah goes on to describe Yoseph’s gift of interpreting dreams. The dreams involve his brothers bowing down to Yoseph, which of course exacerbates matters between the brothers even more.

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