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Ahare-Kedoshim – Thoughts on the Perasha

The two Perashot that we read this week, highlight some of the commandments which have helped to define the Jewish people and have contributed to the general moral and ethical fiber of the entire civilized world. We are enjoined to become Kedoshim – Holy, by acting in a proper fashion and by avoiding certain behavior. […]

Ahare-Kedoshim – Perasha Synopsis

This week we read two Perashot. Perashat Ahare revisits the death of Aharon’s sons Nadab and Abihu, who died in a previous chapter for bringing a foreign fire into the Tabernacle. This perasha connects their deaths to the Yom Kippur service, and their entry into a forbidden area of the Tabernacle.  The service for Yom […]

Tazria-Messora (Tahor) – Thoughts on the Perasha

Jewish Tradition does not believe in coincidence. We believe that every event and its timing has a meaning. Of course, most of the time we are not able to understand the relationship of different events happening either together or around the same time. Instead, we attempt to explain the juxtaposition of events based on our […]

Tazria-Messora (Tahor) – Perasha Synopsis

Perashat Tazria discusses the laws of different forms of “spiritual impurity” brought upon by physical changes.  If a woman gives birth to a male or a female child, she enters into a period of “impurity” of different determination. Following the completion of this period the new mother begins the process of “cleansing”. At the conclusion […]

Shemini – Thoughts on The Perasha

We recite in our prayers every day “the preeminence of mankind over beast is non-existent…except the pure soul”. We know through our Tradition that the world was created for humankind; all other creatures and kingdoms are there to serve humankind and in exchange, humankind must protect and care for this beautiful world. Our interaction with […]