about us


As it opens its doors, Manhattan East Synagogue – Congregation Shaare Mizrah, will be impacting the communal and spiritual lives of the Sephardic community of Manhattan.  Under the leadership of Rabbi Elie Abadie M.D., founder of the first and largest Sephardic Congregation in the UES, the Synagogue will be hosting cultural, social, and religious events which will contribute to the growth of an active and vibrant Jewish congregation.  Amongst its many exciting programs the Synagogue will have a Bet Midrash Study Program, a Young Adult Group, Singles Shabbat Events, a Women’s Auxiliary Branch, a Bikkur Holim/Hesed Committee, Israel Advocacy activities, as well as a variety of informative events and activities which will help unite its congregants into a strong unit of informed and pro-active Jews.  The Manhattan East Synagogue will be making a difference in the lives of its congregants and is committed to continue on a path of growth and expansion.

The synagogue offers regular religious services including daily minyanim, Sundays and full Shabbat services.

Manhattan East Synagogue is well located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 1231 Third Avenue & 71st Street.  It is situated near many of Manhattan’s finest hotels and will be able to hosts guests from around the world.  The congregation is comprised of many families from a medley of Middle Eastern backgrounds. The Synagogue is prepared to welcome all those interested in spending a Shabbat in Manhattan among this newest and most vibrant Jewish congregation.