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Ha’azinu – Thoughts on the Perasha

We have all heard the expression “The sky is falling!“ Wikipedia explains that it is an idiom derived from the story of Henny Penny, in the fable known as “Chicken Little.” This well known fable’s famous quote has passed into the English language as a common idiom, indicating a hysterical or mistaken belief that disaster […]

Nissabim – Thoughts on the Perasha

The generation in which we live, has been dubbed the, “Me Generation.” It is certainly not a flattering term for an entire generation. As its name alludes, this generation looks to satisfy, please, enrich, make happy, and gratify oneself. Since the 1960’s, this phenomenon began with the Civil Rights movement, and continued with the Women’s […]

Ki Tesse – Thought on the Perasha

We have been reading a lot in the newspapers and in the electronic media about captive women and their mistreatment. The wars in Syria and Iraq, in Yemen, and in Africa have brought to light the atrocities committed against women and minors; young and old alike.  Their sale in slave markets, their physical enslavement and […]

Shofetim – Perasha Synopsis

Moshe continues his sermon.  He directs the Israelites to appoint judges in every city of Israel and officials for each tribe to govern. These judges and officers are instructed to adjudicate fairly, to remain objective and not be corrupted by bribery.  Justice Justice shall be pursued! Idolatrous practices must be eradicated. Therefore, setting up a […]

Shofetim – Thoughts on the Perasha

Much has been spoken in the last 2 years about secure borders, a wall, and the responsibility of a leader to protect his home, his city or his nation from intruders that have the intent to hurt their host. I believe, everyone agrees that it is important to protect oneself and one’s own territory, from […]