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Ki Tesse – Thought on the Perasha

We have been reading a lot in the newspapers and in the electronic media about captive women and their mistreatment. The wars in Syria and Iraq, in Yemen, and in Africa have brought to light the atrocities committed against women and minors; young and old alike.  Their sale in slave markets, their physical enslavement and […]

Shofetim – Perasha Synopsis

Moshe continues his sermon.  He directs the Israelites to appoint judges in every city of Israel and officials for each tribe to govern. These judges and officers are instructed to adjudicate fairly, to remain objective and not be corrupted by bribery.  Justice Justice shall be pursued! Idolatrous practices must be eradicated. Therefore, setting up a […]

Shofetim – Thoughts on the Perasha

Much has been spoken in the last 2 years about secure borders, a wall, and the responsibility of a leader to protect his home, his city or his nation from intruders that have the intent to hurt their host. I believe, everyone agrees that it is important to protect oneself and one’s own territory, from […]

Va’Ethanan – Thoughts on the Perasha

The name of this Saturday’s Shabbat, as happened last Shabbat, is composed of two words separated by a hyphen; Va’Ethanan – Nahamu, although we read only Perasha VaEthanan. The other word, Nahamu, is actually the name of the Haftara that begins with the word Nahamu, meaning consolation. It is the first Haftara of consolation in a series of […]

Va’Ethanan – Perasha Synopsis

Perashat Va’Ethanan begins by Moshe recounting how he pleaded with G‑d to permit him cross over and enter to see the Land of Israel. Hashem refused his request, telling Moshe never to speak of the matter again, and Moshe blamed the refusal on the Israelites. Instead, G-d directed Moshe to climb a mountain from where […]

Pinehas – Thoughts on the Perasha

The famous song “Turn! Turn! Turn!,” released in 1965 by the group The Byrds says: “To everything there is a season, and there is time to every purpose under Heaven”. Of course, this song is based almost word by word on King Solomon Ecclesiastes 3:  לכל זמן ועת תחת השמים – everything has a season, […]

Pinehas – Perasha Synopsis

Last week’s Perasha concluded with The Israelites settling in Shittim and the Jewsih people began to sin with the daughters of Moab and Midian, who seduce many of the Israelite men to worship the Moabite Baal Peor deity. G‑d. Pinehas, Aharon’s grandson, unilaterally executed a prince from the Tribe of Simeon, Zimri, who publicly displayed […]