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Shemini – Thoughts on The Perasha

We recite in our prayers every day “the preeminence of mankind over beast is non-existent…except the pure soul”. We know through our Tradition that the world was created for humankind; all other creatures and kingdoms are there to serve humankind and in exchange, humankind must protect and care for this beautiful world. Our interaction with […]

Sav- Shabbat HaGadol – Thoughts on the Perasha

Five shabbatot before Pesah are known by a special name. This special name is derived from the extra Perasha that we read on these special shabbatots, i.e. Shabbat Shekalim, Zakhor, Parah and HaHodesh. The fifth Shabbat, the one just before Pesah, is an exception; it is known as Shabbat HaGadol – the Great Shabbat, yet […]

Sav-Shabbat HaGadol – Perasha Synopsis

Perashat Sav describes different types of offerings given in the Tabernacle, as well as the different flames and fires used on the altar. The Torah explains the process of giving four specific offerings; the Meal Offering, the Sin Offering, the Guilt Offering, and the Thanksgiving Offering. A Meal Offering consists of finely ground wheat flour, […]

Vayikra-Rosh Hodesh-HaHodesh – Thoughts On the Perasha

A very special Shabbat is upon us. The occurrence is rare – to have 3 Sifrei Torah used to read the 3 different portions, namely Vayikra, Rosh Hodesh and HaHodesh. This last reading is a call to all the Jewish people to prepare themselves for the celebration of the Festival of Passover. It is obvious […]

Vayakhel-Pekude-Parah – Thoughts on the Perasha

There are two main Missvot in this week’s Perashot, namely the building of the Mishkan and Shabbat. These two Missvot seem to be either contradictory or complimentary. Contradictory, because we learn all the prohibited works, the 39 Melakhot one is not allowed to perform on Shabbat, from the construction of the Mishkan. In addition, our […]

Vayakhel-Pekude-Parah – Perasha Synopsis

Perashot Vayakhel and Pekude, describe the actual building of the Mishkan and the tailoring of the vestments of the Kohanim, respectively. Perashat Vayakhel, as it names implies, Moshe “gathers and assembles” the entire People of Israel and instruct them to build the Tabernalce according to the specifications given to him in Perashat Teruma and Tessaveh. […]

Ki Tisa – Thoughts on the Perasha: Lies and Fake News

This week’s Perasha is host to the infamous story of Hett HaE’gel – the sin of the Golden Calf.  As readers of the Perasha we are always disappointed at the conduct of Bene Yisrael.  This generation of Jews was privy to the most illustrious miracles of Hashem.  They witnessed the 10 plagues, the splitting of […]