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PURIM – Holiday of Celebration

Historical Background In the year 3318 (approx. 442 B.C.E.) Nebukhadnessar be- came the king of Babylon. Despite the fact that the Jews living in Judea had them- selves witnessed the exile of the other 10 tribes by the As- syrians, they nevertheless were not especially moved to im- prove their actions and their day-to-day lives. […]

Tessaveh-Zakhor – Thoughts on the Perasha

It is no coincidence that we read Perashat “Zakhor” the Shabbat before Purim. As we look towards the celebration of Purim this coming week we remember our enemy Amalek. Zakhor enjoins us to remember each year prior to Purim an enemy that preyed on the vulnerability of Bene Yisrael, and attacked them just as they […]

Tessaveh-Zakhor – Perasha Synopsis

Perashat Tessaveh outlines the duties and vestments worn by the Kohanim, the children of Aharon, selected by Hashem to serve in the Tabernacle. Hashem commands Bene Yisrael to kindle an eternal light, and to illuminate it with pure olive oil. The followings are the vestments that are worn by the Cohanim as described in the […]

Teruma – Thoughts on The Perasha

In Perashat Teruma we are given painstaking details for the building of the Mishkan and fashioning of every detail of its accoutrements. I am sure that at the time that the Mishkan was being built it was necessary for the artisans, and the Cohanim to understand how everything should look in order to make the […]

Mishpatim – Thoughts on The Perasha

Upon studying Perashat Mishpatim the reader must understand that the human race was not operating at the level of sophistication that, we imagine, exists in the civilized world today. In many ancient Near Eastern cultures, human life and property held the same low value. Slavery was common place, and more specifically Bene Yisrael themselves had […]

Mishpatim – Perasha Synopsis

After Bene Yisrael witnessed the grand revelation at Mount Sinai and they received the Torah from Hashem, we expect them to build a Mishkan, and we expect the Torah to discuss religious and spiritual laws. However, as my dear friend Rabbi Daniel Bouskila explains, in the Torah, G-d sets things differently. Civil laws governing relationships […]

Yitro – Thoughts on the Perasha

Perashat Yitro is named after Moshe’s father-in-law, for his contribution of a prescription for effective leadership.  There were two different guests that came to visit the Israelites in the desert. One was Yitro, whose counsel was a major benefit to Israel. Yitro, upon observing his son-in-law’s workload, recommended appointing competent men to assist Moshe in […]

Yitro – Perasha Synopsis

In this week’s Perashat Yitro,  Bene Yisrael quickly emerge from a family of newly emancipated slaves to a fully-fledged nation. Yitro, Moshe’s Father in law leaves Midian together with Moshe’s wife Sipporah and children Eliezer and Gereshom and they all join Moshe and Bene Yisrael.  As Yitro sees Moshe’s hectic schedule of governing the people, […]