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Bo – Thoughts on The Perasha

Perashat Bo marks the first Missva that the Jewish People received as a Nation and People. Unlike the Missva of Circumcision and the prohibition of eating the Sinew that were given to individuals Abraham and Yaakov respectively, this one was given to the entire people as a group. The importance of this Missva and the […]

Bo – Perasha Synopsis

In Perashat Bo the prophesy given to Abraham, Yisshak, and Yaakob begins to take shape. Before that, however, three more plagues are to befall the Egyptians, given the intransigence of Pharaoh in not allowing the Israelites to leave Egypt. Locust, brought devastation to whatever was left over from the produce and vegetation after the previous […]

Vaera – Thoughts on the Perasha

In the Perashat Shemot which we read last week, there is an ending with a short note; giving prelude to this week’s Perashat Vaera. Moshe and Aharon are indicted by their people for their “Failed Leadership” in reducing and mitigating the burden of slavery placed upon the Israelites. They in fact, were accused of worsening […]

Vayehi – Thoughts on the Perasha

There are traditions and laws handed down from generation to generation on how a Sefer Torah is written. It is customary that between every Perasha there is always a space of a line and between Humashim (books) there are several lines of space. In Perashat Vayehi, there is no space at all. It continues on […]