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PURIM – Holiday of Celebration

Historical Background In the year 3318 (approx. 442 B.C.E.) Nebukhadnessar be- came the king of Babylon. Despite the fact that the Jews living in Judea had them- selves witnessed the exile of the other 10 tribes by the As- syrians, they nevertheless were not especially moved to im- prove their actions and their day-to-day lives. […]

THE FESTIVAL OF HANUKKAH-Selected laws & Customs of Aleppo Jewry

THE FESTIVAL OF HANUKKAH By Rabbi Elie Abadie, M.D. The miracle of Hanukkah occurred approximately 22 centuries ago. When the Greek-Hellenistic Empire ruled over Israel. Antiokhos the Governor, decreed that no Jew be allowed to practice the Missvot of the Torah. This decree meant that the Jews would not be able to keep Shabbat, eat […]