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Shofetim – Perasha Synopsis

Moshe continues his sermon.  He directs the Israelites to appoint judges in every city of Israel and officials for each tribe to govern. These judges and officers are instructed to adjudicate fairly, to remain objective and not be corrupted by bribery.  Justice Justice shall be pursued! Idolatrous practices must be eradicated. Therefore, setting up a […]

Va’Ethanan – Perasha Synopsis

Perashat Va’Ethanan begins by Moshe recounting how he pleaded with G‑d to permit him cross over and enter to see the Land of Israel. Hashem refused his request, telling Moshe never to speak of the matter again, and Moshe blamed the refusal on the Israelites. Instead, G-d directed Moshe to climb a mountain from where […]

Pinehas – Perasha Synopsis

Last week’s Perasha concluded with The Israelites settling in Shittim and the Jewsih people began to sin with the daughters of Moab and Midian, who seduce many of the Israelite men to worship the Moabite Baal Peor deity. G‑d. Pinehas, Aharon’s grandson, unilaterally executed a prince from the Tribe of Simeon, Zimri, who publicly displayed […]

Korah – Perasha Synopsis

Perashat Korah, begins describing an outright rebellion with an attempt to overthrow against Moshe and Aharon as he leaders of the Children of Israel. The leader of the rebellion was their own cousin Korah and his family. Like in any political rebellion, the leader of the rebellion must attract a popular following. Korah posed as […]