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Vayakhel-Pekude-Parah – Perasha Synopsis

Perashot Vayakhel and Pekude, describe the actual building of the Mishkan and the tailoring of the vestments of the Kohanim, respectively. Perashat Vayakhel, as it names implies, Moshe “gathers and assembles” the entire People of Israel and instruct them to build the Tabernalce according to the specifications given to him in Perashat Teruma and Tessaveh. […]

Tessaveh-Zakhor – Perasha Synopsis

Perashat Tessaveh outlines the duties and vestments worn by the Kohanim, the children of Aharon, selected by Hashem to serve in the Tabernacle. Hashem commands Bene Yisrael to kindle an eternal light, and to illuminate it with pure olive oil. The followings are the vestments that are worn by the Cohanim as described in the […]

Mishpatim – Perasha Synopsis

After Bene Yisrael witnessed the grand revelation at Mount Sinai and they received the Torah from Hashem, we expect them to build a Mishkan, and we expect the Torah to discuss religious and spiritual laws. However, as my dear friend Rabbi Daniel Bouskila explains, in the Torah, G-d sets things differently. Civil laws governing relationships […]

Yitro – Perasha Synopsis

In this week’s Perashat Yitro,  Bene Yisrael quickly emerge from a family of newly emancipated slaves to a fully-fledged nation. Yitro, Moshe’s Father in law leaves Midian together with Moshe’s wife Sipporah and children Eliezer and Gereshom and they all join Moshe and Bene Yisrael.  As Yitro sees Moshe’s hectic schedule of governing the people, […]

Bo – Perasha Synopsis

In Perashat Bo the prophesy given to Abraham, Yisshak, and Yaakob begins to take shape. Before that, however, three more plagues are to befall the Egyptians, given the intransigence of Pharaoh in not allowing the Israelites to leave Egypt. Locust, brought devastation to whatever was left over from the produce and vegetation after the previous […]