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Shelah Lekha – Thoughts on the Perasha

Shouting fire in a crowded theater” is a popular metaphor for speech or actions made for the principal purpose of creating unnecessary panic. The phrase is a paraphrasing of Justice Oliver Wendell Holme’s Jr.  opinion in the United States Supreme Court. As Justice Holmes wrote:”The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a […]

Beha’alotekha – Thoughts on the Perasha

A People can rise to the heights of spirituality and existence and yet descend to the abyss of depravity and ingratitude. This week’s Perasha shows us this sharp contradiction between that which elevates us and that which brings us down.  As the name Beha’alotekha infers, Aharon the Kohen rises and lights up the Menorah.  The […]

Bamidbar-Shabuot – Thought on the Perasha

Almost invariably, Perashat Bemidbar is read the Shabbat before the Holiday of Shabuot. In fact, our Sages set it that way for a reason. The Midrash comments that the Torah was given amidst three things: באש – fire, במים – water and במדבר – desert. Therefore, they set the reading of Perashat Bemidbar the Shabbat […]

Behar-Behukotay – Thoughts on the Perasha

The concept of crime and punishment is an age old one. Can society survive on the honor system or there should be a system where violators are punished and suffer the consequences of their actions? The philosophy behind such a system is that there should be justice in society and forewarning to individuals so law […]

Emor – Thoughts on the Perasha

Spiritual leaders are always held in high esteem. Believed to be the servant of G-d A-mighty, a higher standard is attributed to them. Especially Priests – those that participate in the Divine Service of the Temple had a specific set of rules and laws that required them to maintain a particular responsibility and to maintain […]

Ahare-Kedoshim – Thoughts on the Perasha

The two Perashot that we read this week, highlight some of the commandments which have helped to define the Jewish people and have contributed to the general moral and ethical fiber of the entire civilized world. We are enjoined to become Kedoshim – Holy, by acting in a proper fashion and by avoiding certain behavior. […]

Tazria-Messora (Tahor) – Thoughts on the Perasha

Jewish Tradition does not believe in coincidence. We believe that every event and its timing has a meaning. Of course, most of the time we are not able to understand the relationship of different events happening either together or around the same time. Instead, we attempt to explain the juxtaposition of events based on our […]

Shemini – Thoughts on The Perasha

We recite in our prayers every day “the preeminence of mankind over beast is non-existent…except the pure soul”. We know through our Tradition that the world was created for humankind; all other creatures and kingdoms are there to serve humankind and in exchange, humankind must protect and care for this beautiful world. Our interaction with […]

Sav- Shabbat HaGadol – Thoughts on the Perasha

Five shabbatot before Pesah are known by a special name. This special name is derived from the extra Perasha that we read on these special shabbatots, i.e. Shabbat Shekalim, Zakhor, Parah and HaHodesh. The fifth Shabbat, the one just before Pesah, is an exception; it is known as Shabbat HaGadol – the Great Shabbat, yet […]