Mikess-Perasha Synopsis

Two years had come to pass, and the Perasha begins with the disturbing dreams of Pharaoh.  Pharaoh troubled by the dreams seeks an interpretation from his wise men, finding that they were unable to understand its hidden meaning. It is then that the Chief Butler remembers and reveals the whereabouts of Yoseph, an expert in dream analysis. Yoseph is retrieved from prison and is able to explain Pharaohs dream. He explains to Pharaoh that Egypt will first experience 7 years of plenty, followed by 7 years of famine.  Pharaoh, satisfied with Yoseph’s explanation appoints him Viceroy over Egypt. Yoseph is in charge of storing large amounts of produce during the years of plenty, to ensure survival during the 7 years of famine. During this period, Yoseph marries Asenat daughter of Potiphera, and has two children, Ephraim and Menashe.  The seven years of famine, begins, and Jacob and his sons are affected. Understanding the need to obtain food for his family, Yaakob sends all of his sons, excluding Binyamin to Egypt. Yoseph, acting as the Egyptian Viceroy immediately recognizes his brothers; however, they do not identify him. Whether to teach them a lesson, or to understand if they had redeemed themselves, Yoseph accuses them of being spies, imprisons his brother Shimon, and insists that the brothers return with their youngest brother Binyamin. Not realizing that Yoseph understood their language, the brothers in their own private conversation admit their regret for what they had done to Yoseph, and fear this as retribution for their sin. Yoseph weeps in private upon hearing these words.  The brothers are given sacks filled with grain, and return to their Father. Upon opening their bags they realize that the money that they had used to purchase the food is still in their possession. Yoseph had warned them that they should not return to Egypt unless they will bring with them Binyamin. The brothers relay their experience in Egypt to Yaakob, and as the famine continues to plague Canaan, they return to Egypt with their brother Binyamin, as he was reluctantly permitted to go with them. promising to guard him from all harm.   Yoseph releases Shimon, and is obviously overwhelmed and overjoyed to see his younger brother. They all enjoy a meal, and the brothers are given more food to take back to their Father. Unbeknownst to them a goblet belonging to Yoseph is purposefully planted in the bag of Binyamin.  The brothers leave and on their way to Canaan are pursued by Yoseph’s servants, and the goblet is discovered in Binyamin’s bag.  All the brothers are returned to Egypt to face the accusations of Yoseph of having stolen the goblet, and the penalty of the impending imprisonment of Binyamin.