Nissabim – Perasha Synopsis

In Perashat Nissabim, Moshe gathers the Israelites on the day of his passing to concludes his second farewell speech to the people, and to enter them into a covenant with G‑d.

This covenant binds the Israelites to G-d, as G‑d’s exclusive nation. The covenant, was not limited to those who were physically present on that day; rather, it included all past, present and future. generations of Jews as well.

Moshe reminded the Israelites that they had dwelt in the land of Egypt, and seen other diverse nations through which they had passed in the course of their travels, and warned them not to be tempted by their idolatrous lifestyles. He warned of the calamitous consequences which will befall the individual, family or tribe which would forsake their covenant with G‑d. Perchance there were among the Israelites who would think of turning away from G-d and who might think themselves immune, thinking that they would be safe worshiping other nation’s idols. But G-d would never forgive them and He will uproot them from their land, and cast them into another land.

Moshe foretold what will occur after they are exiled from their land due to their inequities, and after all these calamities had befallen them. If they returned to G-d, and they heeded His commandments, eventually they will wholeheartedly return to G‑d, and G‑d will gather them from the furthest reaches and return them to the land of their forefathers. He will restore their fortunes, take them back in love, and would make them more prosperous and numerous. G-d would then, inflict all those calamities on the enemies who persecuted the Israelites.

Moshe enjoins the people to follow the Commandments, informing them that it is not beyond their reach, is it remote from them. Rather it was very close to them; it is in their heart, that they may fulfill them”

Moshe tells the Jewish people that they have been given free choice to choose between good and evil, life and death. He instructed them to love G-d, to walk in G-d’s ways, and to keep G-d’s commandments, that they might thrive and increase. Their choice will determine whether they are the beneficiaries of G‑d’s blessings or not. Moshe implores the Israelites to choose life, so that they might have life and long endure on the land that G-d swore to their ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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