Shemot – Perasha Synopsis

After the death of Yoseph and his brothers, the children of Israel multiplied, and filled the land.  A new king arose in Egypt who did not share the same sentiments towards the children of Yaakob, as did his predecessor.  He feared that because the Israelites were strong in number, that they would join his enemies and conquer Egypt.  The Pharaoh enslaves the Israelites, and orders the firstborn male of every family to be thrown into the Nile River for fear that he may grow to be the leader of his people.    It is then that we encounter the birth of Moshe, a baby born to the house of Levi. He is hidden at birth for three months, and then set afloat in a basket guarded by his sister Miriam. He is ultimately rescued by the daughter of Pharaoh, and raised in their palace as her son.   Yokhebed, Moshe’s biological Mother is brought to the Palace to be Moshe’s nursemaid.    As a young adult Moshe ventures out of the Palace, and witnesses an Egyptian taskmaster striking a Hebrew slave.  Moshe, very much affected by the miserable plight of his brothers strikes the Egyptian, and kills him.  As a result Pharaoh becomes angry, and Moshe must flee Egypt to save his life.  Moshe arrives in Midian, where he meets Zippora, daughter of Yitro, the High Priest of Midian. They wed, and Moshe becomes a Sheppard in Midian.  One day while tending the sheep, Moshe sees a burning bush not being consumed by the fire.  It is Moshe’s first encounter with Hashem.  Hashem tells Moshe that he has been chosen to lead the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt.  With some coaxing Moshe accepts the task, and returns to Egypt, where he meets up with his brother Aaron, who will act as Moshe’s interpreter to Pharaoh.  As a result of their demands, Pharaoh becomes angry, and increases Bene Israel’s workload. Moshe alarmed by Pharaoh’s response is reassured by Hashem that eventually Pharaoh will drive Bene Israel out of Egypt

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