Teruma – Perasha Synopsis

In Perashat Teruma, G-D commands Moshe to take a contribution – terumah from each person in Bene Yisrael in order to build a tabernacle for worship. This tabernacle was known as the Mishkan, and it was a sanctuary for Hashem to dwell in, and for Bene Yisrael to commune with G-d. The Perasha details very specifically the dimensions and materials needed to build the Mishkan itself and the various ritualistic objects in the Mishkan.

The Aron – an Ark which housed the Tablets of the Ten Commandments, was constructed from acacia wood, and overlaid from within with pure god.

The Kapporet – a Cover made of pure gold, with two angels – Cherubim on either end. Hashem spoke to Moshe between the two cherubim.

The Shulhan – a Table made of acacia wood and gold overlay. All the dishes, and pans were made of pure gold, and the table housed the Eternal Bread.

The Menorah – a Candelabrum whose base, shaft, cups and design were made from one piece of gold. There were 6 branches, 3 on each side, and a middle one, with a total of 7, for the eternal light.

The Mizbeah – an Altar fashioned from acacia wood. The utensils of the altar were made of copper, as well as all the instruments used during the service in the Mishkan including the pegs of the courtyard were made of copper.

With this description in mind, Moshe proceeded to build the Tabernacle with help of all Bene Yisrael.

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