Vaera – Perasha Synopsis

The Perasha continues from last week with the exodus of Bene Israel from Egypt, and the cruelty of Pharaoh. G-D reminds Moshe of his promise to our forefathers to take them out of bondage, and he uses what we refer to as the four languages of redemption.  Hashem tells Moshe and Aaron to approach Pharaoh with a simple request “Let my people go!”  At the time Moshe is 80 years old, and Aaron is 83. Moshe remains skeptical about Pharaoh’s co-operation, and Hashem begins to display his miracles in order to sway Pharaoh to allow Bene Israel to leave Egypt.  In this Perasha we are witness to Moshe’s staff turning into a snake, and devouring the snakes procured by the Egyptian magicians.  Hashem unleashes the   eight of the ten plagues. Blood – turning the water supply of Egypt to blood, Frogs upon the land, Lice upon man and beast, Wild beasts that run rampant through the streets of Egypt, Pestilence upon the cattle and livestock, Boils upon man and beast, and Hail which fell on the earth in fire.  Pharaoh remains consistently stubborn, and his heart becomes hardened, with a refusal to free Bene Israel. Three more devastating plagues will eventually have fall on Egypt before Pharaoh reluctantly expels Bene Israel from Egypt.

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