Vayehi – Perasha Synopsis

After living in the land of Egypt for 17 years, Yaakob at the age of 147, feeling that his death was drawing near, calls his son Yoseph – the only one of his sons who held power, and has him promise to bury him in the tomb of his forefathers in Hebron.  Yoseph brings his sons Ephraim and Menashe so that Yaakob would bless them. Yaakob blesses the sons of Yoseph to be included in the inheritance of his own children, thereby transferring to Yoseph a double portion of the inheritance, and to receive a double portion in the Land of Israel. Yaakob puts Ephraim before Menashe in the blessing, although he is the younger brother, for Yaakob understood that Ephraim will be destined to greater achievements than Menashe.  Yaakob gathers all his sons prior to his death and proceeds to bless them before he dies.  Yaakob passes away, and true to his promise, Yoseph embalms the body of his father and with Pharaoh’s permission returns his body to the Land of Israel, and buries him in Mearat Hamakpelah in Hebron, the place where Abraham And Sarah , Isaac and Ribka and Leah are buried. After the seven-day mourning period they return to Egypt. The brothers fear that Yoseph will seek revenge for their deeds against him now that Yaakob had passed on. Yoseph reassures them that he has forgiven them. Yoseph and his brothers and their entire family settle in Egypt, they acquired property in it, they were fruitful and multiplied greatly.  Yoseph lives in Egypt and passes on at the age of 110. His body, is embalmed, and placed in a coffin in Egypt.

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