Vayigash-Perasha Synopsis

The Perasha begins with an eloquent plea by Yehuda to Yoseph, Viceroy of Egypt, on behalf of his brother Binyamin. Yehuda explains his father Yaakob’s, emotional attachment to his youngest son, and the emotional devastation that would occur if Binyamin was not allowed to return home to Canaan.  Yoseph, unable to contain himself any longer reveals his identity to the brothers, and immediately asks if his father is still alive.  The reunion between the brothers is emotional, and all of Egypt including the Pharaoh are informed. Under the auspices of Pharaoh, wagons filled with riches are sent back to retrieve Yaakob, and to bring him to Egypt.  Yaakob’s spirit is revived upon hearing that his son Yoseph is still alive.  He offers a sacrifice to G-D in Beer Sheba.  G-D assures Yaakob that He will establish his children into a great nation upon their descent into Egypt.  The Torah lists by name the children of Yaakob who leave Canaan, and sojourn to Egypt. They equal 70 in number. The reunion between Yaakob and Yoseph takes place in Goshen, and it is decided that since the children of Yaakob are shepherds, they would reside in that portion of the land.  Yaakob blesses Pharaoh upon meeting him, and as a result of Joseph’s leadership and wisdom the Egyptians survive the years of famine, and Pharaoh becomes wealthy and powerful as a result of exchanging land for food.  The children of Yaakob settle in the land of Goshen,   multiply in number, and become prosperous.